Shapely article problem with 1/3 columns


I shortcoded 3 columns but my third column (in blue in the screenshot attached) is not going on the 3/3 part (on the right) of the page, it’s going under the 1/3 part.
Do you know why ? I’ve tried everything, including reducing the size of the icons and description, but nothing seems to be working. Can you please help me ?
Here’s the link to the page :

Thanks very much in advance !

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
This is not theme elements, the problem is not in the theme but in the plugin, you have to get in touch with the plugin developers

Colorlib Support Team

Anyway, not the problem but i can help you, please use this css:

.su-column {
margin: 0px;

Hi, thanks for your help but it’s not working. I put it in the additional css part but nothing is happening.

It got a bit better as I added [su_row] [/su_row]


Clear cache and try again, code is working :wink: