Shapely background graphics not displaying

Shapely background graphics are no-longer appearing on my site ( and I’m just getting a white screen. I’ve tried reinstalling. When I download the file from colorlib the zip file is 1.1.2. the documentation suggests there is a 1.1.4 - how do I get the updated version and will this fix the problem? thanks

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Hey there

The latest version is Version: 1.2.9 and can be downloaded from the official WordPress page: Shapely – WordPress theme |

Thanks. I’ve reinstalled the latest version but am still not seeing any of the background graphics and the background is a blank white screen.

I’m really keen to resolve this. In the shapely video it shows an option under ‘recommended actions’ to select “make my site look like the demo”. I’d don’t have any options under recommended actions. Is there another way to enable this?

A separate but possibly related issue is that when I visit my site on my phone I get a colorlib holding page saying ‘Something really good is coming very soon’ requesting a name and email. What is this page and how can I remove it?

Please help!

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Hi Anthony

Do you see your images in the WordPress media?
Try to remove background images from the widgets adn attach them from scratch, its also good idea to upload images from scratch

Hi, I’ve tried that, but I’m still not seeing any of the images from the theme (blue waves & ocean). Is there a way to reinstall the demo content?

Hey there

Ok, Please send me your admin details privately and I will check your problem

Please confirm what details do you require. My site is hosted by BlueHost. Thanks,

Hi, I have the same problem, I’ve just installed the template but cannot see the images when I select the demo content.

Let me see it, please provide a link to the page