Shapely blog post page Leave a reply box

How can I add a 'Leave a reply box on blog posts without the need for the viewer to click on the whole link. ie can I offer them the choice of just commenting on the featured inage with it’s short summary?

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I am not sure what exactly it is that you are requesting?
Could you provide some more information on this issue?

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Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

I’d like, if possible to allow visitors to my blog page to be able to leave a comment (leave a reply) to any blog post whilst still on the blog page - without the need to actually click on the post and get redirected to the attached page. So of my posts will simply be a featured image and a title so that extra click, just to allow them to comment may mean less people actually follow the link in order to access the comment s box.

Hope that makes sense

Hello John,

Thanks for clarifying that.

As I understand it, you want the user to be able to comment on a post outside of the post in the blog page.
In order to implement this feature you will have to enlist the aid of a third party developer to add the feature or use a third party plugin to implement it.

Please have a look at the following plugin options:

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