Shapely Companion plugin NOT working

My shapely companion was working until I updated and now I am getting the following message:
In order to use the Shapely Companion plugin you have to also install the Shapely Theme

I created a Shapely child theme that I am using. The Shapely companion was working before I updated it.

Am I missing something?

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If your child theme uses additional files besides style.css (and perhaps custom functions.php) then you’ll need to update the code in these files to reflect the latest changes in the main theme files.

Also, make sure you perform a force refresh while the child theme is active (to rule out any caching problems).

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Those kind of messages pops up when you’re using other than “Shapely” theme, make sure you maintain the name Shapely for the parent theme, and also make sure you give the child theme template shapely.

If that still pops up, like our support guy says refresh the cache just in case, and still it cause the issue, pass us the Shapely theme version and companion plugin version we will investigate the issue.

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