Shapely: Feature Requests

Thank you for this beautiful minimalist theme. The ability to use parallax widget and other plugin widgets such as Photo Gallery not only on the home page but also on other pages would be very useful.

Another suggestion, Making compatible a plugin with a before-after function on the homepage template. For example this one, or any other with a similar function. It is useful and needed greatly for users dealing with visual-related areas, arch viz, photography etc.

I would love, absolutely love to be able to project my portfolios as an overlay light box, rather than divert to a separate page.

You could add some options to the portfolio widget at the customizer:

Define a background for it (Optional: add parallax)
Define if the widget design is full size
The widget also have some design bug fixing:

Maintain h1 on the header like the other widgets
Maintain the same height for the featured images
Share the image width (Like in Illdy)

Feature Request: Being able to set other pages as “widget areas” much in the same way that “homepage” can be.

This would enable us to use the shapely widgets to create content for a page that is not the homepage.

Please make an option to allow using a slider for the parallax homepage background!
That, and/or the option to use a collection of images for the background and randomly select and load a different one each time the page loads.

Also, it would be very helpful to be able to add more than 3 features to the features section.


It would be great if Parallax widget could support video.

Thanks in advance,

the option to have a different background image on each page

Video compatibility for the Parallax section (at least) on the main-page. This would be just great.


Since in this day and age one’s social media profiles are vital, I would like to see them as part of the contact information section.

In other words I believe the contact information list should look something like:


Or something similar.


Update Font Awesome to Font Awesome 5 which uses svg and is ultimately much lighter and quicker than the webfont version. Also adding .svg support for theme logos would be pretty nice too if possible. I would also recommend updating Bootstrap to at least 3.3.7 since 4 is still in alpha. Though I would love to see this theme updated to Bootstrap 4 since as far as positioning goes it would make a lot of the components such as the footer call to action and parallax widgets much simpler as they would require less HTML and CSS to pull off.

Feature request
Shapely features for Frontpage

It would be great to be able to place links in the text or from the awesome font icons

I would like to consider: show logo and site title contemporarely or logo and tagline

Create possibility to add a subtext to the buttons like a big text and a smalll text below but still on the button

at the startpage the first widget I would like to have under the buttons another textfield

Please consider adding the ability to post a video in the parralax section box instead of images only. I’d love to be able to have text on the right or left, and have the small video on the opposite side.

Not every video needs to be full screen width.

Love the theme. Thanks for the awesome support, too.


How can i fix the client section part. I want to use only 3 social media icon but when i put them. They are disappear after 3-5 second and after 30 sec they came back.

It would be great to have a full width slider on the home page.