Shapely home page anchor links

Hi, I am having trouble getting anchor links to work as expected.

In the menu I have an anchor link that takes a user down the home page to the contact section that being: Front Page - Tides Business Development

For ref the link entered as the “URL” in the menu editing interface is just: #contact

(That works as expected, I presume there must be a “name” reference for contact included in the theme code!?)

The issue I have is that I want one of the buttons in the " [Shapely] Parallax Section For FrontPage" section to also link to the same #contact name link. However when I enter #contact or even the full URL with the anchor ref as the button link - it does not work.

Can you advise what it wrong please? Thanks

Hi there

Yes, sorry about that, it will only work from the menu, link are working when they added in the header, not from the page sections


Hi, ok. A couple more questions then if you don’t mind.

  1. What other anchors names for sections that can be added to the home page exist that I could use?

  2. Is there a way to insert new/custom name anchors in the home page code so that it can be made to work?

Being able to call anchors from the nav bar on a home pages I presume is normal functionality for a one-page theme?

Being able to do it with the smooth scroll that the menu has would be really good too if possible?

Many thanks


Hi Neil

You cant add anything new, only default anchors can be used, this is how the theme is configured