Shapely home parallax and font bug

I cannot change the size of the font in a bloc and checking the shapely theme I am getting the message “Le bloc « shapely_home_parallax » a été affecté par des erreurs et peut ne pas fonctionner correctement. Vérifiez les outils de développement pour obtenir plus de détails.”

The “shapely_home_parallax” block has been affected by errors and may not be working properly. Check the developer tools for more details.

How to check the developer tool? And what to do to correct the errors???

Hey there,

My apologies for the problem you’re experiencing,

May I see the screenshot of the problem and the steps to replicate it?


Thanks for your reply. I managed to get the fonts changed.

But another question : if I want to change theme (i.e. abandoning shapely for something I find more “sexy” what would be the least hassle way to do it?
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Hi there,

It varies depending on the theme you’re moving. Please review their requirements or reach out to their support for more information.