[Shapely]I want to change the size of the logo image displayed in "Client Section For FrontPage"

I want to change the image size posted in [Client Section For Front Page].
Please tell me how to change it.

Even if I changed this in “style.css”, it was not reflected.

.logo-carousel img {
max-height: 60px;

Hi there

let me see it, please provide direct link to the page

Thank you.

This is the “Our Main Clients” part of the demo site.
Logo images of SNS are included from Logo # 1 to # 9.
I want to put a photo here, so I want to display it in a large size.


You want to place one logo instead? please provide link to your website, I need to see your results


I want to put a photo on it, so I need to increase the size.
Please tell me only how to change the size.

Hi there

you can use this css code to change the size of the carousel images:

.logo-carousel img {
    max-height: 110px;

Add this code in Appearance > Customize > Additionall css

I was able to do it.
thank you!

Good to hear :slight_smile:

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