Shapely Parallax lazy load / image defer

I’ve seen a lot of posts guiding others to disable Jetpack lazy loading, to resolve numerous issues.

I’ve disabled Jetback though am wanting to defer loading images on the home page / parallax sections.

Must Jetpack be used or will third party WP plugins also work? I’ve tried Lazy Load and it had no effect on Parallax images:


hey there

No, jetpack is not necessary plugin, you can use other plugins if you want to optimize image loading,
Ij jetpack is working in your case you can use it,

Thanks. I’ve had Jetpack disabled since installing the theme. But was curious if using alternate plugins would break the Parallax content.

Just to follow-up Jetpack lazy loading doesn’t have an effect on images in the Parallax sections. Hopefully someone’s figured out how to defer images (and which plugin) on Shapely’s Parallax sections.

You are welcome

this problem happens to not everyone, you are one of them :slight_smile:
Is there anything else?

A working lazy load plugin? Or a way to get Jetpack lazy load to work?

I was about Jetpack lazy load :slight_smile: