Shapely portfolio fail in mobile version

I’m having a really hard time trying to get the Portfolio working correctly in mobile version of my website.
Portfolio pictures either don’t show at all or overlap so that only the top part of each picture is visible as I scroll down. It happens both on my Home page and on Portfolio page.
I think it has something to do with LazyLoad setting, because it acts differently when I activate/deactivate it. It works better (not perfect, still some overlap) when deactivated but then pictures take longer to load. This is the site
Hope you can help!

I am digging deeper and it seems that the problem is actually with the New Block Editor which causes trouble in the portfolio widget on Home and Portfolio page. Still, it works better when Lazy Loading is deactivated, like I said before, but it’s not showing project photos perfectly on those pages in mobile version.

@Danny23 its not our theme, you need to contact theme author