shapely recent posts widget : problem, it's not the last post


I have a problem with my shapely recent posts’ widget. Settings are for 3 recents posts on the main page but when I publish one new post, it doesn’t change automatically the last 3 recent posts (on my website now, Togians is the last one published but on the main page, it doesn’t appear. i tried to modify the widget but shapely only autorized to modify the number of recent posts ( I tried 4 and can see it after on my main page).

My request is : how can i see automatically my 3 recent posts on my main page with the shapely recent posts’widget please ?

here is my website

thanks a lot

Hi Fiona

Actually, these are not most recent posts, they are related, similar posts, so, by publishing a new post you will not see it in this list

Hi thanx for your answer. So there is no shapely widget to do what I want?

Hi there

No, there is no such widget but this can be achieved by third-party plugins