[Shapely] Social Widget

I have created 2 menus on my website in the Customizer:

  1. A “Primary Menu” for navigating the main pages on my site
  2. A “Social Media Menu” so I can have social media icons at the footer

However, in the Customizer, when I go to add the [Shapely] Social Widget, and go to “Select Menu:” only the Primary Menu is available and I need the social media menu.

Please help?

Thank you

Hi there

Its wordpress default feature, please check it also from the Appearance > Menus



Thank you for your help! When I saved the wordpress Menu in “Appearance > Menus”, I was then able to see the Social Media Menu in the Customizer.

However, now even though the Social Media menu is selected, and I have entered the account URL links for the different social media accounts (including https://), there still are no social media icons or social media links displayed on the webpage.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

hi there

Ok, let me check it, please provide a link to the website

hey there

Are you using this CSS code somewhere on your site?

#social .social_icon span {
display: none;

if no, please add it in the appearance > customize > additonall css:

#social .social_icon span {
display: block !ipmortant;

Hi colorlibsupport,

Thanks for your response! I don’t have formal CSCI training, so I have not used much CSS code on my site (and perhaps none at all).

I did add your code in the “additional css”:
#social .social_icon span {
display: block !important;

Now the social media links are visible! Awesome!
However, they are blocks of text, and not social media icons. Is there a simple way to make them look like icons that clients can click on?

Thank you so much for your help.