Shapely Theme crashes by website

Hi. Yesterday i couldn’t login anymore to my Wordpress. I contacted Bluehost assistance and they told me that Shapely Theme is causing the crash. They had to disable it so that I could access Wordpress.
They asked me to verify with the developer if the Theme update is compatible with the site version…

Are you aware of these issues?

Hey there

May I take a look? Please provide url of the website.
Also, can you please tell us what exactly was the problem?

Hi. I don’t think you can see anything now because Bluehost support team helped to disable Shapely Theme in order for me to get access to Wordpress. I reported in text what they asked me to ask to the Theme developers.

My website (now in Coming soon mode) is
It’s working because Shepely was disabled. Also, I want to add that I started noticing some issues the other day when the website formatting (the footer) and some text on the first page was off…I didn’t pay attention to that but something was already happening (and I didn’t make any changes to my website for weeks)

Hi there

Ok, so, is there anything else I can do for you?

Apparently the Bluehost support was able to fix the problem…now it’s working.

I have one last issue. (let me know I should open a new thread). I was using Shepely Companion widget for my home page. Now that widget seems not working anymore. It appear among “Inactive widjets” and can’t select it. Bluehost support suggested me to contact the Theme/Widject developers and let them know. Any suggestion on how to solve the problem?
Thank you.

Hi there

We are working on that problem, meanwhile, please leave the version you have of the plugin as is, it will be resolved soon


Shapely Companion is a companion plugin for Shapely theme. Version 1.2.7.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Appreciated you looking into the issue.


Yes, indeed

Thank you too and have a good day