Shapely Theme Demo Content and Download Links

When can it be available for download and can you update this with demo content

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It’s available for download on this page Shapely - One Page WordPress Theme - Colorlib so just visit the page and click on the Download button.

The theme demo content will be shared shortly.

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Here are Shapely demo content:

In zip archive file there are two files. Shapely-demo and Shapely-widgets. Shapely-demo should be imported just like any other demo content via WordPress dashboard - Tools - Import.

Afterwards you should install plugin called “Widget Importer & Exporter”. You will find it by searching for new plugins in your WordPress dashboard. Using this plugin you will need to import Shapely-widgets file.

The problem is that regular WordPress importer doesn’t support widgets and therefore you need to use two separate importers. I know that it sucks but next version of WordPress importer have promised to fix this. I really hope it will.

Aigars, this was helpful, but the one section I was really needing is the portfolio section. It doesn’t import to look the way it does on the demo.

Is there something else I need to do? Do I need to create certain posts or pages for the Portfolio widget to pull from?

I would like it to look like this:

Thanks for your help!

The Portfolio Custom Post Type is created by jetpack plugin as described here so please make sure that you have installed the following jetpack plugin

Is there any documentation available for shapely (nice theme by the way)
Thank you for the assistance


Not yet but I am working on it.

So I get that this is a lame question but here goes. Once I have downloaded the importer and the widgets and uploaded the demo, how do I see it? My dashboard only shows me the un-customized Shapely page. What am I missing?

Here is the link to the page…

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@princesslemony Sure we will ignore it but if you have any further questions then please create separate topic for it here

Hi Aigars, thanks for this and a great simple theme!

But… the wordpress importer tool imported everything imported fine. When I ran the “Widget Importer & Exporter” plugin to import, it says “Widgets already exist” and “site does not support widget”, as per screenshot I attached. I checked and don’t see the widgets existing… or am I missing something?

Just a side note if other users battle with a “php fatal error” on the import script timing out. Place a set_time_limit(THE NUMBER OF SECONDS); in your wp-config file, to increase the script timout limit. See this stack exchange thread for more details

Your reply is appreciated. Thank you.