Shapely theme - home page displays: This is the Home Sidebar Section, add some widgets to it to change it

Been using Shapely theme for several years on the same site. Have WP installed on the server in a sub-directory off the domain root (ie. [domain root]/wp), and I am using a child theme of Shapely.

today I was removing some deprecated php files from the domain root and accidentally deleted the index.php file. I restored the index.php from a backup, but now the home page display is missing all the widgets and only displays:

This is the “Home Sidebar Section”, add some widgets to it to change it.

I can’t say for certain whether anything I did today was the cause of this change, only reporting the most recent action taken on the server

I have uninstalled the Shapely Companion plugin and reinstalled it; still no home page.

I have restored a server back-up from yesterday of the entire /wp directory, the parent [domain root] directory, and restored the wordpress mariaDB database from yesterday as well; still no home page.

I have also switched the theme from the child theme back to the Shapely (parent) theme; still no change on the home page.

I realized there are a couple previous posts about this message:

This is the “Home Sidebar Section”, add some widgets to it to change it.

but these do not relate directly to my situation. Short of a restore of the entire server, I can’t think of anything else to try other than re-building the home page from scratch. Can someone help me understand what this message means, in terms of what isn’t working anymore, and how to recover my previous home page widgets?

Hi there

Homepage widgets data or any other data are not stored in the index.php file or in any other php file of the theme, they are stored in the database, so, make sure you have same database or if you have a chance restore the database


We restored the database from a backup and everything came back as it was. Still not sure how the database records became corrupted.

Nice to hear that :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I cant say what happened but is good that you had a backup