(Shapely Theme) Please Help me Remove the Ugly White Bar at the Top of the Header that Blocks my Main Image :(

The Shapely Theme is so awesome and has everything a person would want just like it says. But the Designer really dropped the Ball and Killed this beautiful Theme by adding that Ugly White Bar at the Top of the Header with No Options to Remove it. It blocks 15% of my main Image and Blocks my Entire Company Name and Logo!

I saw how you created a Custom CSS for a Customer to Remove the Small Search Icon from that White Banner, which I also used it myself:

/Remove Search Icon/
i.fa.fa-search {
display: none;

Can you please provide me with a Custom CSS to Remove that ugly, Theme Killing White Bar at the Top please?

Thank you very much and have a great day.


Hey there

That’s how it should work, this is a navigation bar and you need to add a Menu on the bar