Shapely theme related articles section positioning and a couple of other things

Hi there,

We’re using Shapely theme and have found that when comments are made about a particular blog post, the comments then get listed on the individual blog post page. However - these are shown BELOW the ‘Related articles’ section making it confusing to the viewer as to where the comments relate to. Is there a way of moving the comments about the related articles or the ‘related articles’ down?

I would also like 2 of us to log into the site from laptop/ tablet or mobile and add posts under our own names. At the moment, we are stuck with both logging in with my WP username and password (the site is hosted in my own webspace) and then we change the author name. This works in laptop but not mobile or tablet. Is there a way of having 2 different login’s so any post is automatically linked with that account/ name?

The last thing is mobile ‘responsive’ element. Viewed on my mobile, the site shows up as a tiny version of the laptop version. Could this be due to it being an iphone 5 as some have suggested? it views as the mobile viesion through the WP mobile app.


Sorry for the delay here.

Do you still need assistance here or have you managed to resolve it?