Shapely themes side social media icons bar

I am really excited to know that How I can remove the side social media icon bar left of website
and the English icon with flag on bottom right of the website.


Hi there

Which template is this? can you please provide the URL?

Name of the theme is Shapely
and the url of the website is :

Also I want to remove that white background color from the header.

Hi there

Social icons - It’s your third party plugin, social icons, just remove it

White bg, you can use this code:

nav {
    background-color: #ca1f1f;

Add this code in Appearance > customize > Additionall CSS

But I want to make that background transparent not changing the color.

Also I want to remove the English icon which is located on bottom right of the website.


Also the header contents are not in center when I am in Mobile mode.


header - I guess you want to have overlap header feature, but I’m afraid there is no such option, this is not possible at this moment (

Englis icon is added by the translation plugin, so you need to deactivate it