[Shapely] Video Section. Video with sound. Unmute video


I would like to use on the home page a widget called: “[Shapely] Video Section”, and use a youtube video with sound.

I tried both options:
1.- youtube
2.- upload by my self the video to media Library.

In both cases the video parallax has very good image, but I can not listen the audio.

Thnaks in advance

Hi guys,

Have the same issue, would it be possible to enable sound for the video widget?



Can you try this solution? https://colorlibsupport.com/t/shapley-youtube-video-widget-not-playing-sound/

Let us know,


Hi! I’m new to using your theme so please excuse my confusion. I’m trying to enable sound on Shapely Video Section. I have reviewed the comments in thread https://colorlibsupport.com/t/shapley-youtube-video-widget-not-playing-sound/ and made the appropriate changes. I attached a screenshot. Is there anything else I can adjust to get sound to work. Although it doesn’t appear so in the screenshot I have completed all necessary steps in replacing the old file and reloaded the website. Thanks!

Hey there

I’m going to close this case now. If anyone has a similar problem, please start a new ticket.