Shapely -> Widget -> Custom HTML

Does custom HTML (via widget) support Javasript via script /script tags?
My HTML is a pagination of html table (to show one row at a page), code
But it feels like only HTML part is working. No page numbers 1 , 2 ,3 … are appearing.

Actually it has JQuery elements. See code. How to make it work?

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“Does custom HTML (via widget) support Javasript via script /script tags?” Sorry but not clearly understand this part of the question, which widget and where?
since this is an HTML template you can implement any HTML, JS or any other code inside, you need to correctly implement your code in the template


I’m implementing in Appearance->Widgets->Custom HTML->HTML with script tag.
It does not work with this template in question answer:

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Try to test it with the default WordPress theme and let me know the result, I think this is not related to the theme, if your HTML code works with default WordPress theme it will work with Shapely as well,
What is the code? can you paste it here or show an example?


The code is in first post, jsfiddle. Structured same as in the answer of stackoverflow.

I can’t find a website to paste it which accepts JS and CSS

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Ok, sorry,
Well, can you show me an output? what is the result? please provide url to the page with this code


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Ok, there are some JS errors in the dev tools, sorry but this will require more time for investigation, unfortunately, we are not supporting the implementation of third party codes in the theme when it requires customization, your tasks need different attention, you definitely need a freelancer to make it work


Actually it’s simpler than I thought.
I added this line as src


So, is your problem resolved now? :slight_smile:

Yes it is

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I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions