[Shapley] YouTube video widget not playing sound

I’ve tried several videos and also uploading a file. The video plays perfectly but the sound is non-existent…

Same here. Is there a quick fix for this?


if you open this file (notepad)
wp-content -> plugins -> shapely-companion -> assets -> js -> jquery.youtubebackground.js

search for “YTPlayer”
you will find somting like this:

defaults: {
			ratio           : 16 / 9,
			videoId         : 'your youtube video id',
			mute            : true,
			repeat          : true,
			width           : browser width,
			playButtonClass : 'YTPlayer-play',
			pauseButtonClass: 'YTPlayer-pause',
			muteButtonClass : 'YTPlayer-mute',
			volumeUpClass   : 'YTPlayer-volume-up',
			volumeDownClass : 'YTPlayer-volume-down',
			start           : 0,
			pauseOnScroll   : false,
			fitToBackground : true,
			playerVars      : {
				iv_load_policy: 3,
				modestbranding: 1,
				autoplay      : 1,
				controls      : 0,
				showinfo      : 0,
				wmode         : 'opaque',
				branding      : 0,
				autohide      : 0
			events          : null

in here change “mute: true” to “mute: false”.
save the file.
refresh the webpage.

Thank you redstonerider, worked like a charm!

Redstonerider, this did not work for me. And even when I go directly out to YouTube to view the Shapely theme videos, I cannot hear the sound. This seems like something Colorlib should fix. Am I wrong?


Hi @dgerlaugh,

It should work, can you give more issues you’re facing in a separate thread with the Login credentials in a private reply, try clearing the cache, sometimes old js file were loaded.

PS: For usability, background videos should play without sound, because assume a user comes into your site, and don’t understand where it plays.

Let us know,


I’ve made those edits to the YT Player section and still have no sound!

Can anyone help? I just don’t have time to abandon the whole theme, and the video is essential for the site.

Apperently I’m really stupid, but where do I go from here

wp-content -> plugins -> shapely-companion ->

where is assets? :slight_smile:


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In order to access the file location you will have to login to your host admin panel and use the FTP option they provide to navigate to the location then create a cop of the “jquery.youtubebackground.js” then make the changes to the file.

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That was a nice and quick answer.

Thank you very much.

I hope you are doing well - aswell.

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I am glad the solution worked for you.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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