Shift the menu bar


Hello how can I shift the menu bar more to the left of my screen?

thank you for your reply

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Please always include a link to your website on the ticket, I have to check it


ok I sent you privatly le login and password


Please also provide url of the website, it’s still not icnluded

If you view your web site on Firefox browser, there is an option in right-mouse click (windows) to “Inspect Element”. If you click on this, it opens another browser window which exposes the CSS for that element. You can then tweak the CSS to test changes to that element. Then you can employ whatever customization you require and add it to the theme’s custom CSS area.

Be aware that with responsive design, you may have to make @media breaks with different values (Firefox also has an option in the hamburg menu for “Web Developer”/“Responsive Design Mode” that will let you load the page in various sizes (in the CSS inspector, you’ll be able to see any existing breaks that have loaded for that element). From this screen, you can again inspect individual elements and tweak the CSS with live preview.

This will put you in control of finding the names of any element/class/id you want to change.

Thank you for your helping out :slight_smile:

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try this css code:

@media (min-width: 1200px){
#header .top-header .container {
width: 1440px;

Thank’s for your help. It works perfectly