Shop Page Costumize?

I would like to find a way to keep my shop page different from blog post pages so that you can use the search widget and price filter andlayed navigation in a way that would look like a normal shopping page. Right nowI just threw them at the bottom there to test them out but obviously that doesnt look right nor is it good for a browsing experience. I thought there was a way to do this…can you direct me.

Also the photos on this theme seem to be zoomed in above the post is there a way to tweak that?


specifically id like to set photos on blog post to look like this
:blog post medium"

Images above posts are no zoomed but cropped.

Please refer to theme documentation how to use this blog template.

To use different sidebars for different pages you might one to look into this plugin. it will help you to create different sidebar for different pages, posts, categories etc.

Thanks for the sidebar tip. I see in step 10 how to set up a blog page to display the medium images like I want. I understand how to do this but my question is if I add the blog page how to I make sure all the blog post link under that when clicked.

Ok, I see. Then you will have to slightly modify theme core files because there is no option to make it work on archive pages. Here are instruction on how to do it.

Sorry Im almost there with the last step…blog link still seems to link right but id like to do it as you had above without the blog

I cant seem to find the line of code I see functions.php and 3 types of content side bars but nothing that matches correct can u point me in a specific spot… Thanks sorry!

Ok finally found it. Had to go many levels in the cpanel and it worked like a charm thanks! Love this theme