Shopify theme FASHE mobile cart functionality


I am using the FASHE shopify theme to create a store and i love the theme! I am experiencing some issues with the cart button in the header when used on a mobile though.

  1. The button does not link to the cart or create a drop down menu to view cart items as it does on the desktop version. It seems to be an image only with no functionality
  2. the circular flash that shows the number of items in the cart is not grouped with the button, it sits at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Please can you offer some help as i have been trying to tweak the code for hours with no joy.

Thank you

Kind regards


I figured it out. You need to add a line into header-1.liquid

the line you need to add is line 62 in the image attached.

<div class=“header-wrapicon2”>

hope that helps anyone that has the same problem.


Hello there,

Nice work solving this issue and thanks for posting it here to help everyone else here.

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