Shopping Cart Bug


When I add a product to the cart, it displays two instances of the product. Then if you remove the product, it display “Your shopping cart is empty!” twice. Anyone know why and how to fix?

Here is my website url to see for yourself:

hey there

You can use this CSS code to remove duplicate part of the cart items:

#subcart:last-child {
display: none;

Wouldn’t this break the shopping cart if someone placed multiple items in it? Right now the bug is duplicating items so x,x,y,y but if the shopping cart had x,y,z then this last child css would always delete z

Edit: I just implemented the CSS code above and now it doesn’t display anything sometimes

Can you please let me see it? please add the code and let me check it

Yes, I have added the code again, please take a look

Hey there

So, can you tell me why it does not work now? I checked and add to cart functionality is working just fine for me,

If you add something to the cart and then navigate to another page, then the entire shopping cart no matter how many items you added is not displayed

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Sorry about that looks like this is a bug that is already reported on our bug tracking page:

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do right now until developers fix it

Hi Noda,

No worries, do you know the potential timeline for the fix?

Hi Jerry

Sorry but no, I can’t provide an estimate on this problem


Just wanted to check in on this bug. Has there been any updates? Also, how will I know when an update has been pushed out?



Hello Jerry

You can check it here: