Shortcode not working


My website is

I cannot get shortcodes to work with this theme, they show up as the actual line of code. The shortcodes work with any other colorlib theme except for illdy. I have no plugins. Does anyone else have a similar problem? Thank you!

Hello @tgwmartin,

Can you please provide more details about where you are trying to insert the shortcode?
You should try to add it into a text widget, it should work alright.

If nothing work, consider to send us temporary admin dashboard access via a private message so we can have a closer look at what is going on.

Best regards

Hello Ion Rutz,

I am trying to insert a simple gallery shortcode on the page set as the homepage. I have also tried placing the shortcode in a text widget in the about section.

If you would like to use a temporary admin account, the login is

username: temporaryadmin
password: p18MAIUG0)5l7vrJ0!alh3HT

I greatly appreciate the help.

Hello. My site is
i have the same problem. I inserted a shortcode and it is not working. It just shows the code itself on the site. I use SiteOrigin’s Page Builder. I inserted the shortcode in text editor widget.
Thanks in Advance!

I have the same issue on Illdy. When I post a shortcode on a page, it appears as the shortcode text. Can anyone help? How can we overcome this?
Thanks in advance,