Shortcodes in Illdy Services Widget

Hi everybody,
i would like to use Shortcodes to insert a logo carousel in our services widget on front page.
What do i need to do to make it work? i just see the shortcode as text.
shortcodes are already activated for text widgets but that didn’s solved my problem.

Hope you can help.

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You would need to put the short-code in it’s own text widget or post/page in order for it to work. So, please add the short-code into a text widget for it to appear.

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unfortunately i’m not doing very well because of this issue :wink:
Isn’t it possible to use it inside the Service Widget?
i would like to show the manufacturers we are selling in the specific service we are offering.
it’s looking bad if i’m just adding the logos of the manufacturers…

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Unfortunately, Shortcodes are not supported in that field so it’s not possible to get shortcodes working there. The best I can do is to direct you to the theme’s GitHub where you can file a feature request:

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