Shortcodes not working

Hi Developers,

I have been trying to insert a product carousel onto my front page with no luck. I have tried different plug-in options which all use shortcodes, but inserting the shortcode directly onto the page or via a text widget has not worked for me. All that happens is the shortcode text itself appears instead of the carousel.

  1. Does Illdy allow the use of shortcodes at all?

  2. Is there something else I can use to include a carousel on my front page?


Hey there

Some places of the theme do not support shortcodes because they are intended only for raw text :frowning:
where exactly you want to place shortcode? can you show me?

Hi Noda

I was hoping to put a product carousel on my front page using a plugin that works with a shortcode. I’m not sure if I can show you as my site is in maintenance mode at the moment -

I tried to paste the shortcode via the Customizer as follows:
Front Page Sections > Full Width Section > Add Text Widget

If there’s another way to allow this to happen that would be great!


HI Mapes

Sorry but looks like that section is not allowing shortcodes to execute, this is only for raw text :frowning: