Show content not excerpt for posts in homepage

Hi, I have a problem figuring out how to show full post content in my website homepage. I know it is possible for pages by selecting “blog full content display” option, but how to do that for posts?
As you can see, in my home I’m showing posts but I would like to show the full content and not the excerpt.

Thanks in advance

Please read theme documentation and make sure to read “10.How to set up Blog Page” completely. It perfectly explains how to use blog template and use it on front page to replace existing blog.

Thank you for your help. I read the documentation but did not try all the steps as it said “static page” and it got me wrong, it is not very clear in the description.

If possible, I also suggest to make a “content vs excerpt” option available to choose as in other themes I tried, so that it’s immediate to choose between the two