Showing the path in catergory


what do I have to adjust to show the path when I am in an category?

Here it is: Sport Archive - moncalou
And here not: Kefir »

Thank you very much.

Hi there

Probably Permalinks is what you need?

Permalinks Setting is done as usual…

Unfortunately I can´t upload pictures to show better what I mean.

Now here are some pictures, so that you can see what I mean…

Hi there

If I’m not wrong on the second site with the problem All in one Seo plugin make those changes, deactivate it and check again


thank you. That is right, ist possible to activate it with AIO Seo. I have done it and now it looks better. I have put the php code into the header php.

Perhaps you can help me again. How can I ident the menue a bit and I would like to have some more space to the header area?

→ Exactly as on the page: Willkommen - moncalou

How can I show this menue only in the categories, not in posts?

Thank you!

hey there

You may use this code to fix problem with the spacing:

p.aioseo-breadcrumbs {
margin: 30px 0px;

and to hide breadcrumbs in post use this code:

.single-post p.aioseo-breadcrumbs {
display: none;

Thank you very much. The Display none on single posts isn´t working. Do you have an other idea?

For example:
Was ist Wasserkefir und was mache ich damit? | fermen-tiert


try this code instead:

.single-post .aioseo-breadcrumbs {
display: none;

That´s it. Thank you!

You are welcome

Marking this case as resolved