Side bar widgets shows wrong link

Hi there,

all sidebar-widgets I create new have a link from the title of the widget to a site (

Why is that? I don’t want to have a link from the title of the widget. If I want a link, I create it within the widget text.

How can I remove that link?

Please refer to to see what I mean.

Thanks and cheers,


This is definitely not default behavior of this theme and either custom implementations via functions.php or some plugin does that for you. There is definitely no way theme does it on its own without any modifications.

Hi Aigars,

I know, but I deactivated all plugins - no result.
And I’m pretty sure that I didn’t change functions.php.

Funny thing is, that if I create a new text widget on top position - no problem.
As soon as I move it down (different order) it changes so that it shows the link.

Any clue?

If not, could you provide me a “clean” functions.php file?



All original theme files are hosted on Github and

If just replacing functions.php file doesn’t do anything then backup your existing theme folder and and reinstall theme completely. No changes done via Theme Options or WordPress customizer will be lost after reinstall.

Hi Aigar,

I de-installed and re-installed the whole theme. Same problem.

It seems that it depends on the position of the widget. It is always the second widget from the top which shows the strange link - as far as it is a “Text widget”.

I’m pretty helpless at the moment…

Is there a maximum number of widgets? I use Dynamic widgets and have 12 widgets (deactivating Dynamic widgets doesn’t solve the problem either…)

Cheers, Sebastian

Maybe there are some <a href tags that are not closed somewhere in content or other widgets, so they overlap to widgets?

Check where you have placed your homepage URL in your website such as social icons, logo field other widgets etc where this URL might not be properly closed so it links everything afterwards.

Hi Aigars,

you’re a hero! It was the link within the widgets which was defined wrong.

Sorry for the work and many thanks.

Cheers, Sebastian