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I have problem with the menu and web title. My last post was about the visibility of the menu. I wonted to the menu be visible, and now it is. When i change the size of the webside or switch to smartfonmode the menu jumps on the page name. I don’t wont to remove the title. I tried that solution but the result was decrease size the white box under the menu/title and when I change mode to smartphone then the menu go under the white line.

Is it possible to add some separater between the title and menu? I would like to customise the page to phone mode.

My webside:

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hi there

Well, the title - logo brakes design, it’s very long, and there is no physical space in the header to fit menu and this logo together, can you tell me how exactly you want them?

Hi Noda,
I would like that after changing the page size (width) the menu bar does not overlap the page title.
Example on the pictures.

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In this case, could you perhaps try out the following CSS code under the Appearance>Customize>Additional CSS section:
@media only screen and (max-width:1224px){
.main-navigation {
top: 30px;
I hope this helps.
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Thank you for support. I added the css but it not worked. Check in attachment.


try this css, it will move menu elements little bit down:

@media only screen and (max-width: 1224px){
.main-navigation {
top: 40px !important;
left: -6px;

but you should consider lowering the text logo font size,

That is ok but one problem more. When you move the menu then it is no good visible on big screen. When I resize the window the menu look OK. Could You maybe increase the white area under the menu bar?

Regarding the text logo font size: For me it is no problem to reduce the size but then it comes problem with the background for the menu bar (the same as above).


hi Marek

Sorry but looks like we cant override this by CSS :frowning: layout adjustments is necessary here

Hi Noda
Maybe you have any suggestions on how can this be done to make the display correct?

HI Lamides

to be honest im out of an idea, the title is so long that there is no physical space in the header, layout of the theme (I believe almost any theme layout) is not ready for such long titles, my suggestion is to refactor menus, combine several menu elements under each other and in that case you will not have a problem