sidebar disappears in woocommerce category


I’m changing the theme for an online store.
I changed the sidebar to the left and runs on all pages.
In the sidebar I have the WooCommerce category but if I select a category or a product, the sidebar disappears.
I want the sidebar is always displayed.
Thank you!

Hi, I facing same problem as you. The sidebar does not display in WooCommerce product / category pages

WooCommerce always uses “right” sidebar under any circumstances but it pushes it to the left side if the left layout is used. So to make sidebar work on WooCommerce you should configure right sidebar the same way you have done with left sidebar, so it will display properly on WooCommerce pages as well.

my main problem is that I am also changing the subject to have 3 columns, left sidebar, right sidebar and content.
To my left sidebar is shown correctly in the store what I did was add the file sidebar.php on line <php get_sidebar (‘left’); ?>
Now I just need to place it correctly. Thank you!