Sidebar doesn't appear on static page


I have a setup of Full width layout in my whole site and I would like to show the sidebar ONLY in my static main page.
For the moment I have tried several different things like

  1. selecting the layout with right sidebar at the bottom of the page creator, didnt work.
  2. creating a page-front.php adding <?php get_sidebar(); and selecting it as a page layout for my Front Page, didnt work.
  3. trying to add the code in custom css that was presented here LINK that made the sidebar to appear at the right side, BUT UNDER THE PAGE CONTENT.

so I would like to know if there is some other solution for this.

Hi @codeoner,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

To achieve this just set the Full Width layout option in the theme settings and in the static page edit screen set the layout option to “Right Sidebar” as shown in the attached screenshot.

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Hey Movin, thanks for the answer but as I said in my post

1. selecting the layout with right sidebar at the bottom of the page creator, didnt work.

this does nothing for me. none of the options there seems to do anything.
I have a static page as Front page, i dont know if that affects that.

Have you made any changes in the theme?

If not then please try deleting and reinstalling the latest version of the theme.

Could you please share me your site URL where it’s happening so that i can troubleshoot it?

I am working with child theme and i have some changes but i remember it didnt work since the installation. I build my site on localhost so no link but is there some other way to troubleshoot? I will try to make new instalatuon to see if it works but i doubt as it didnt work on previous 2 test installations

After some more testing i found out that when i create a new page and I set the layout option to “Right Sidebar” in the page, it appears as it should, with the right sidebar.

BUT when this page is SET as my static front page then sidebar disappears!!!

I have the slider activated in my front page. When the slider is deactivated the sidebar reappears again!!!
when it is activated it disappears!

So, the problem is with static front page and slider activated. That’s when cant make the sidebar to appear.

Can you check these settings please?

I checked it with those settings and it’s working fine for me.

It seems there may be the issue with the slider posts content on your site so please try reducing number of slides and changing slider post content with simple dummy text to check which post is causing this issue.

Also please make sure that you are using latest version of the theme.

I tried everything, i removed all the slider posts and made only 1 new with dummy text and featured image, i removed the theme and all the changes i did to code and reinstalled it and i still have the same problem.
ofcourse I am using the latest version of the theme :slight_smile:

here are some prntscrn with my results

I tried totally new clean installation of wordpress in new database and installed the theme everything clean.
everything I did was

  1. create 2 pages , front and post, and set front page as my static one and post page for new post.
  2. set layout on wide.
  3. change layout of front page to right sidebar.
  4. create category “slider” for slider posts
  5. add 2 posts with title, text and featured img.
  6. activate slider.

the resuld is when i activate the slider the sidebar of front page disappears!!!

Do I do something wrong? can you confirm that it is working with you?
I am using Chrome if thats of some matter…


I found the problem!

the slider posts should be set with the same layout as the front page!!!
so front page should be set to “right sidebar” and posts of slider should be set to “right sidebar” too, otherwise the layout is confused i guess!

i don’t know if that is a bug and something that should be fixed, but for sure there should be some warning as it is very annoying.

at least there is this topic now so people can find a solution :slight_smile:

@codeoner Thanks for notifying us about the issue.

I could confirm the issue on my test site therefore notified the theme developer about this so that it can be fixed in the future version of the theme.

In the meanwhile you can fix this issue by using the attached custom child theme of Sparkling theme that contains some custom code.

Thanks movin

As i said i found a way to work with this so i just set my posts for slider to have same layout (right sidebar) i will wait nextrelease of theme to update it for the moment as i dont want childtheme to get confused with theme next release!

@codeoner It’s ok if you are comfortable with that solution. I just shared the solution so that you don’t have to force post to have same layout as static home page.

I developed the child theme which is update proof and won’t conflict with the future version of theme.


Just wanted to make a quick note that applying the same Child Theme to Dazzling works as well (if you change the ‘sparkling’ strings into ‘dazzling’ of course).

@animaag Glad to know that it also worked for Dazzling theme for you :slight_smile: