Sidebar not showing on product page

I’m using the left sidebar template throughout my theme but it doesn’t display on the product page. I can’t work out why this should be! I tried turning off all the plugins to see if one was causing the problem, but the sidebar still wouldn’t show.

This is the product page
And this is my draft homepage with the sidebar.

Any ideas?

Try adding the same content from the left sidebar to the right sidebar.
WooCommerce for this theme uses right sidebar on both sides, it is just pushed over the the left side, when needed.

Le me know if this works.

Btw, nice modification of this theme!

Yes, thank you Aigars that solves it! In fact it’s rather neat as I was aiming to have different content in the sidebar of product pages. That’s now been facilitated by using the right-sidebar on woocommerce pages.

Thank you for the compliment, but it’s all down to you guys developing these fantastic themes and your continuing support. Couldn’t do it without you! This is the second time I’ve used this theme and no doubt I will use it again… Do you have a donate button on this site? I would be pleased to contribute a few £s!