Sidebar social icons isn't appearing

Although I use your widget, social icons aren’t appearing on the sidebar of my website. Please help me.

Hi @beststudent,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

To display social icons you have to follow the below steps :

  1. Create a menu like any other menu in the admin area of your site under Appearance -> Menus .
  2. Use the correct urls in the menu items, so for twitter it must be for facebook it must be Otherwise URLs won’t get recognized and you will get squares without icons.
  3. Set theme location for this menu as “Social Links”

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Since the Theme Update I’m also having the same issue. I double-checked, and have followed all three steps Morvin suggested. Any other ideas?

@flyonover i visited your shared site and saw that the social icons are displaying fine as shown in the attached screenshot.

Is it working fine for you now?


Well I’m glad it’s working for you! On my end, they still aren’t populating correctly (see below)

Which browser are you using?

Could you please try clearing your browser cache or using different browser?

I’m having the same issue.

I use a few different browsers, both desktop and mobile, and from these browsers this is only a issue on an old version of Firefox 42.0.2 (November 2015). Using this version of Firefox, I cannot see the OPs social icons at all.

A lot of users don’t like to update unless they need to, so I imagine there would users out there with a similar version of Firefox and unable to see the icons. So even if the OP were to update their browser, this issue wouldn’t be resolved.

Hi @bananaman,

I have tested it even older version of firefox 38.0 and it’s working fine for me as shown in the attached screenshot.


Thanks, Movin,

That’s a bit of a relief; it means not all old Firefox versions have this problem.

Still there is a question of how many versions have this issue. Hopefully it’s not many.

@bananaman I am not sure how many firefox browser versions having this issue as i didn’t confirm it but this must not issue of specific browser version as we are using Font Awesome font library to display these social icons which are used by many websites without any issue.