Sidebar widgets no longer appear after homepage slider turned on

I have a static homepage with a number of sidebar widgets on right hand side. Everything was working well until I turned on the homepage slide. The slider itself works well without problems and looks great, but now my sidebar is no longer appearing. All the settings that I can find are still set for there to be a sidebar. Any suggestions how to get my sidebar back and keep the slide? Thanks
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Please go to Appearance > Customize > Dazzling Options > Layout Options and ensure that you have the sidebar set there.

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Thanks. I have already checked that and it is set to Right Sidebar.

It works fine if I turn off the slider, only a problem when I turn on.

looks like its set to full width? can i check it?
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Ok, installed . What email address for you shall I specify for the login?


That plugin would not require any information as it’s purpose is to provide a link to the admin panel without the need for additional information.

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You can access via this link for the next 12 hours


LInk is not working anymore, please increase time to 24 or 48 hour

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Please check again, i used this css:

.no-sidebar #secondary {
display: block;
.no-sidebar #primary {
float: left;
margin: 0 auto;