Simple social icons in Header and Blogroll

Hi Aigars,

Sorry, me again… I have two questions that I think you’ll be able to answer really easily.

First, Super simple icons, I have installed the plugin, but when I go to add the widget to the header area as you have in your theme demo, I only get the option to put the icons in the left/right sidebar or the footer.
How did you manage to put them in the header?

Second, “Blogroll” how do I change the “Blogroll” text title to something like “Links”. Blogroll sounds terrible!! :slight_smile:

Thanks, very much.
Sorry, for not being able to work this stuff out myself… blasted new job… :slight_smile:

You don’t need a plugin to add social icons because they are already in the theme. Just enable them via Theme Options - Social Links

Blogroll is long retired from WordPress and there is no options for it anymore. If you have it enabled, it is still there but there is no use for it. Current alternative is to create Custom Menu via Appearance - Menu and add it to sidebar using Custom Menu Widget. This way you have a full control over what is displayed and hot it is displayed.