Single license as suscription

Hello. I’ve bought Single license certificate for APPCO TEMPLATE as it shows in screenshot bellow, but now I see a yearly suscription in PayPal that is not what it says in your website. According to your website the only subscription is the so-called membership.

I request immediate unsubscription from this plan, and I want to confirm that I’ve lifetime license for this template. If not, I request the refund immediately.

In Licence - Colorlib this is clearly explained.

@colorlibsupport Im waiting for an answer

Hey there

Subscription is about support, not the template, you can keep the template but if you want to get the support you have to subscribe to one of the plans

Thx for the information colorlibsupport. If I just wanted to have one of the website templates up as a stub and didn’t need support, I can just unsubscribe before the year is up? And is it the same thing if I pay for the full license to remove the footer at the bottom? Just unsubscribe from that before year is up?


Yes, you can unsubscribe as well