Site and Blog Together

I’m trying to make a website and blog together.
My main page is the site. The blog would be on a secondary page.
I would like to know if you have put the dazzling slide posts Only on a second page.
Without having it on the main page

I have another question…

I would like to know if you have like this posts page I add a banner at the top that stays on top of posts
In the place where is the dazzling slide.

Hi @leonarduke,

In order to make a website and a blog together you need to go in Dashboard > Settings > Reading and select the front page to display as static page and select another page as a blog page.

Regarding the other question, If I understood correctly you want to a banner at the top of the page?



The problem is that when I post page posts. I can not make any other changes on the page. And the banner at the top just disappears

When I return to the static page the banner appears again. So when I have a static page, I can not add anything else in it, nor a banner …

I was able to do the following: I used the widget “Loop Post” at the plugin “Page Builder by SiteOrigin”. And I managed to have post on a static page.

The problem is that the name of the post does not appear and neither the date on top of it…

What do I do to show the name and date? Using the widget “Loop Post”…
Or because I can not make changes to my page when it’s in “Page Post”

This is the site:

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

I have had a look at this plugin and the Post Loop does not have the option to display the date but the Recent Posts widget does have the option to display the date if you edit the widget.

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