Site broke down with wp last update

Hi, Many functions of the theme are broken with the latest wp update. Apparently wp made a change to the jQuery version and caused this problem.

here are the problems:

  • some buttons are not clicked.
  • no images are loaded when LiteSpeed ​​Cache lazzy load is active. (this issue is perhaps with the plugin. I am not sure.)
  • a warning appears in the browser console that the jQuery version needs to be updated.

I solved the problem temporarily by enabling the old version of jQuery with the jQuery Migrate plugin, but this is not a recommended method and an update is required. Will there be an update for the theme?

I translated this article with google translate. I’m sorry if there is a narrative disorder.

Thank you.

hey there

yes, you made a good decision when you installed Jquery migrate plugin, its a temporary solution but it will be fixed soon in the future update of the theme

Sorry for incontinence