Site does not display correctly on ipad mini/ipad

Hi there, my site dispalys fine on all android devices and Apple desktop/iphone but on ipad it is all over the place. Not sure why this is like this but can someone have a look or shed some light on this urgently. I can supply the backend login details on request. Thankyou

Hello @dunster72,

If you can provide some screenshots and maybe the website link, it would be great

I will start an investigation based on those details.

Thank you for pointing it out


Hi there thanks for this. I just checked my site on ipad mini an in portrait viewing the hamburger menu is not functioning. The site itsself is displaying correctly just about.

Could you maybe loging to my dashboard and see if there is anything you might need to do to get this working corectly on ipads as this is rather critical now, thanks as always guys

My website is

Wordpress login details for backend to my site is


The scrolling is not functioning either as when you click on menu links in landscape view it just takes you straight to the section not by the nice scrolling down effect. Thanks

Hi there, just wondering if you could kindly follow up to this as I am still having problems with the hamburger menu and scrolling.

Kind regards


Can you please update the theme to meet the latest files?
lldy, v1.0.16:

You need to go to your FTP server, locate themes in wp-content, make a backup of the current theme and manually replace/overwrite the current files with the one from version 1.0.16

This should fix the issue, let me know otherwise


Hi there thanks for this, before I do this which I am a bit wary of can you tell me why this is not functioning when only a few weeks ago it was working and displaying fine.

Kind regards

Hi there, I have custom css in my site, if i install this update I know the custom css will disappear. Should i take a copy of there custom css, then install the update and then add the custom css back in so that my site will be back to the way I have it just now.

Can you tell me though why the nice scrolling effect has completely disappeared in the last few weeks when I never touched the site backend at all? thanks

Hi there is there any way i can update this with out having to FTP. Is there no way to do it direct from the WP Dashboard. Really need to get this issue fixed asap. Thanks

Hi there, could I please get some help with this if possible the ftp is not really an option I am comfortable with is there no way you guys could come into my dashboard and have a look. I really need this to get sorted asap. thanks

Hi there is it possible for you to supply me with a bit of custom css to get the scrolling feature back onto my site as it does not function correctly on desktop, mobile and tablet. Also could you supply me with some custom css to get the hamburger menu to appear and function again on tablet and mobile as this as you know does not work any more for some reason. Thank again.

Hello @dunster72,

Please excuse the late reply, but there really is not much I can do about this.

Since the WordPress 4.5 broke all the jQuery functionality, you really need to replace the server files with the latest ones to get your website function alright.

To make it clear, there’s no fix for the menu and linking issues because the scripts are all broker from the WordPress update.

If there is no way to access the FTP, you could try to upload the latest files via Dashboard > Appearances > Themes > Add new and switch to the new theme, but I’m not sure that you will have the old information in there.

Let me know if you got everything alright.


Hi there, thanks for this. Can you tell me what files EXACTLY I need to replace as I will need to try this to sort this jquery problem via ftp as you have mentioned. It would make life easier if I knew the specific files or folders I need to overwrite just to fix this and not mess up my whole site. As usual your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Hello @dunster72,

Unfortunately, I cannot point you to the exact files because this is something that the developers took care of and we don’t keep such a changelog

I suspect that you might fix the issue just by replacing the functions.php file and additional replace the included scripts:


I hope this gets you forward with the debugging.