Site Links Not Loading Content

The live site loads initially but when you try to navigate throughout the site the content won’t load (sometimes one page will). It does work perfectly when logged into admin! Any idea what could be causing this? WP, PHP all up to date. Deactivated almost all plugins. nothing helping.

Hi there

Weird, try this and let me know results,

  1. deactivate all third party plugins and try again
  2. temporary activate one of the default WordPress theme and try again

Let me know the results of this test

After deactivating the plugins and updating to a default template it was STILL doing the same behavior. I reinstalled the latest Wordpress core and that didn’t work. Not sure if this is fixable. Any ideas?


Send me your admin details in DM please and I will check it

I sent you the info. Please let me know what you find. thanks for your help

Hey there

Yes, thanks, I just tried it again and looks like its working now?

Still not working on the live site. What’s weird is while in admin everything works correctly.

Something weird is going on your website, I changed the theme and it still shows the same, Can you please provide a screenshot of your htaccess file?


It’s weird, can you please try the same problem on the default WordPress theme?