Site Logo Disappeared Again!

Hi. I added the following code to have my site logo and title both appear side-by-side in the header. It was working for a while but not the logo has disappeared (replaced by the alt text). I believe this happened after the last update. Can you help me fix it?

I added this (per suggestion on this thread:
.site-title-container {
width: 40%;
} .site-title {
display: inline;
} a {
width: 100% !important;

My site:

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I think you may need to try uploading your logo once more (delete and reupload in media).

Upon looking in the code the source for the logo is displaying unknown (see screenshot).

Please let me know how that turns out.

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I’ve tried that a number of times. Also tried selecting a different image that work on other places in my website. Still not luck!