site not loading after opening with browser console

For the last couple of days I had been unable to save any changes in my beaver builder and had posted a query on the following thread. Beaver Buging |
Following advice I have just opened the pagebuilder along with the js console but since I am unable to connect to the site or dashboard at all. My site is
Anything you can suggest to help me get the site up again would be much appreciated.

I can access the site and dashboard again but the pagebuider still wont let me save or make any new changes.

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Sounds like an issue with the page builder itself. Have you tried disabling the plugins you have installed apart from it just to see if there’s any conflicting code in a plugin somewhere etc?

There isn’t really much that we can do about this, especially with the fact that we don’t even have a builder to conflict with it.

I hope you make some headway on the post over on WP Forums.

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