Site Speed for WordPress website using Travelify theme

Hi Aigars,

Your Travelify theme is awesome, I am very much still a newbie but having one very simple problem, the site load speed!
I have been preparing my blog for a while now but I am still struggling with load speed! I have W3 Total Cache installed and configured, Smushit for images, cleared out all unused plugins etc etc but my load speed is still 70% slower than average according to my results from pingdom!

Can you offer some suggestions to help with this problem? I have tried everything I can find on all help forums but just wondering if there is a stupidly simple thing that I am missing!

Many thanks


About performance:

  1. You don’t have W3 Total Cache configured at all. Maybe it is enabled but since nothing is loaded in the front page it means that it is either disabled or not configured. Proper configuration would provide a massive benefit because right now it is the main bottleneck on your website.

  2. You have loads of scripts on your website that slows down your website. You have twitter widget, Facebook widget and Adsense that all use JavaScript and and comes with dozens of unnecessary requests. Of course it is nice to have all of these but they heavily slow down your website.

  3. Shared hosting. Yes, it’s cheap but you get what you pay for. These days you can get VPS from DigitalOcean for the same price. It is slightly bit more difficult to setup and maintain it but you will be rewarded with much better performance.

  4. You are using both Google Analytics and Jetpack stats. Both uses JavaScript that also bloats your website, each loads a separate file and creates another request.

These are some basic steps but make sure to start with W3 Total Cache.

Hi Aigars

Thanks for your speedy response, I knew that I was doing something wrong that was going to end up being a total newbie error, gotta start somewhere!!
I am going to get back on it and start back at the beginning uninstall and strip back unnecessary plugins then get everything configured.
Thanks once again for all the help very appreciated.



@ashton let us know if you need any help :slight_smile: