Site title showing differently from setting

hey support team,

please look into an issue I encountered only since today, was working well.

there is extra word “FRONT PAGE” showing up that wasn’t in the setting.
please see attached.

HI Antonio

Please check Wordpress menu > settings > General and here you have to fill or change site title and tagline fields :slight_smile:

please see attached.
it has been set without “FRONT PAGE” since day one.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Site Identity and change the site name from there.

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hey team,

please check the attachment from 1st reply and appreciate if you look at the issue clearly.
I have some basics about customise theme, my site identity doesn’t have the word FRONT PAGE.


Good evening dear Antonio

yes, buddy, i see them both, weird, let me clarify one thing, this is default WordPress function and theme is not touching it, so let’s try to troubleshoot this problem with this way:

  1. try to activate one of the default WordPress themes and check if you still have the same text,
  2. deactivate all your third-party plugins, especially if you have SEO related plugins, sometimes they add such things,
    here is the great video about this troubleshoot:
    Troubleshooting WordPress in 60 Seconds - YouTube

let me know results for both cases, if you feel lazy or if you afraid to make such changed don’t hesitate, send me your admin details and i will do all these things for you, even more, i can discover the problem for sure :slight_smile:

Please note, im available next 1 hour, and not on weekend days

thanks. I think I found out the issue and solved it for now.

Good morning Antonio :slight_smile:

Nice to hear :slight_smile:
i will close this ticket here, let me know if you need anything else in new ticket
have a good day