Site Title

I have Site title enabled in Appliance > Customize > Site Identity.
Also have site title in Settings > General.
but the Site Title is not showing in the Source Code. is the site.

Hi @spagbol23,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You can try displaying the site title by using the child theme solution shared in the following topic.

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No, what i mean is that the Site Title is not included in the source code.
I never mentioned anything about displaying the Site Title.
I mean in the Source Code, in the HTML.

I am not sure exactly what you meant by including the site title in the source code but not displaying it.

Do you want to hide the site title using CSS code so that it will included in the source code but will not display on the site?

exactly, at present its not doing that.
So, for SEO my website appears to have no title in the meta data, as far as i can see.

I can see the site title and site URL in the meta data of your site as shown in the attached screenshot.