Slide carousel cycle duration

My question is regarding “slim” template: Slim - Free One-Page Fitness Website Template 2021 - Colorlib
I am trying to understand, would I be able to use it for an event project. everything looks fine, except carousel cycle duration.
I searched forums and there are some topics like that (Search results for 'duration/' - Colorlib Support Forum), but they didn’t help me to locate where are those 4 seconds are hid… I want to make the duration longer, i.e. slides to change every, say, 8 seconds…
May I ask for help?

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
Sorry, but what is wrong with the carousel cycle duration? i see its pretty normal and usability of this element is normal, not fast not slow… and anyway if you want to make this changes you have to deal with the template files and customize it, this is an html template and at least beginner experience is necessary to work with such project

Colorlib Support Team