Slide problem

Hello, I’m doing a new topic because it did not respond in the previous one, I had copied the previous one from another topic and I think it got a bit confusing so I’ll go over the topic more clearly.

I am using the dazzling theme but it has a small error on the slide, there is a white line between the header and the slide, and I would like to remove this because in the demo site this space does not exist between the header and the slide.

my website:

grateful for the attention

maybe the googler does not translate correctly.

Hello im fine and you?

I did not make any changes to the Dazzling theme codes.

I installed and activated the theme and was already with this defect, I even delete the theme and installed again the problem continued.

Thank you for your support!

my website:

maybe google will not translate correctly.

Hello all well.

I understand you, but would there be a way for me to resolve this directly in the source code of the theme, instead of adding an additional css code?

Best regards.

Hello again, the code you passed me I copied and pasted into the additional css box of the theme and it worked perfectly.

but still would like to know if I can do this repair directly in the source code of the site?

I understood, so the solution you passed to me, I can use in the source css and the additional css, but if I add the code directly in the source css when the theme is updated it will be deleted.

but if I add this solution in the stylesheet, should I add in the last line, am I correct?

I understood, thank you very much for your support, I will mark this topic as resolved.